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Family is So Much Better than Technology

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Hey everyone!  Sadly this will be my last post on this topic, I might come back and post things on other topics, but I am unsure of that at the moment.  So I hope you enjoy!


Technology, technology, technology.  That is what our society revolves around these days and will continue to revolve around for the rest of the world’s existence.

Technology has helped people get closer together but pushed loved ones away as well.  We are able to keep up with friends from high school that have moved away but in doing so, we are spend more time on the computer or phone than we spend by being with our families.

Families are a very important thing in everyone’s life.  They are the ones you grew up with, played with, and they happen to teach you some of the most valuable lessons you can ever learn.  So make sure you do not push away the ones you love just for such a silly thing as technology.

Now I’m not saying throw away all your gizmos and gadgets and stay glued to your family like a bee on a flower.  I’m just saying when you are spending time with your family; spend quality time with them and not with your phone.  Your friends will still be on the phone ready to talk to you whenever you get back, but you don’t always have your family on hold waiting for you.

If you have older siblings that have gone off to college, you can understand that it is very hard to have your whole family together at the same time.  But whenever you are all together, hanging out and talking about your lives, it is amazing and you remember how much you miss them at home.

So if you have older siblings that still live at home with you, then make time to hang out with them, get closer to them because they may make fun of you and be mean to you all the time, but deep down inside they really do love you.  They won’t always be there with you and when they leave, you realize how much they actually mean to you and how much you care about them.

If you ever get in a real fix and need help, who will help you? Yes, your friends can help you, but friends come and go, but your family will always be there for you no matter what.  You have a special bond with your family that no one can break and all you have to do is make the bond stronger by getting to know them.

Technology can help you make a stronger bond if your family members have moved away because you can always talk to them on the phone or though Skype.  That is why there are such things, to make it easier to talk to the people you love.

All in all, technology can be a hurtful thing or a helpful thing, depending on the way you use it.  Whenever you spend time with your family, soak up every second of it, because this time you spend with them won’t last forever and they can be gone in a blank of an eye.

Daily Life in a Technical World

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Daily Life

Our society has become way to comfortable with technology.  Every day, we wake up to the sound of an annoying beeping sound, no, not the sun like people did before clocks.  We turn on the bright lights in our room and use an electric tooth brush instead of a good old fashion hand-powered tooth brush.

Then we go on dragging ourselves down stairs to stick a piece of bread in the toaster and make a giant cup of coffee.  And on some slight chance, we might see our parents still at home watching the traffic on the news, but more than likely, they have already run off to work.

After we slap some butter on our half burnt toast, we run to our car, turn on the radio, and speed off to school in hopes to make it there in time.  And in the mist of all of this, we are texting our best friend how much we don’t want to be awake and go to school.

All this being said, this is the usual morning of a teenager and how many technological devices did we use?  Nine?  And that’s not even all of them.  So in the morning, we rely on so much technology, but what happens to you when your power goes out?

Since we rely on so much technology and not so much our families to help us out, more than likely, you will be late to school if your power happens to go out and your parents are already at work.

That being said, it is better to rely on something, more reliable, and not something that can easily become completely useless after something so simple as a mer thunder storm.  We also need to look at all the things we do have and not take advantage of them because they can easily go away in a second.

Opposing Viewpoints: Is Technology Helping or Hurting?

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Yes, that is a phone in his hand and he is hiding in his corner.

Yes, that is a phone in his hand and he is hiding in his corner.

There are many different view points on how technology affects our relationships in family.  Family has been a connection of hearts and all the memories they have shared, but now a days, what memory do we share with our families that doesn’t have an electrical device in it?

In “Increasing Dependence on Online Communication Hurts Relationships”, Diane Danielson, who is the CEO and founder of the Downtown Women’s Club and author of several books, tells readers that with the inventions of PDAs and other devices that keep you connected to work also help keep you disconnected with your family.

Many people bring home their briefcases of papers and BlackBerries filled with contacts to work and continue to work until midnight or later.  They do not spend that time with their families but with their technology.  People seem to be making better relationships with their BlackBerries than their actual family, the people you should be spending time with when they are at home.

But in “Heroes At Home: Technology Helps Family Connect During Deployment”, Ashley Korslien, a reporter, tells how technology can be a good thing for families that have a loved one in the military.  Holidays are always the hardest for families with loved ones in different military branches, but with things like Skye that can keep the families connected even when millions of miles separating them, the family can stand strong.

Like I said in my first post, technology isn’t always a bad thing; it can help families stay connected when they are miles away from each other.  We as people need to make sure we are not abusing the power to do so and that we are using this great gift for good and that it isn’t driving us away for our families.  We all just need to step back and see if we are using technology to stay connected with our families or are we just driving them away with it?

Judith Shulevitz

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In the post, you get to see Judith Shulevitz on The Colbert Report speaking about her new book and how we have moved away from being close as a family and moved to being closer to our technology.

Top Five

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facebookThere are so many different types of technology in this world and they have all effected family life, both positively and negatively.  Here is my personal belief on the top five (not in any kind of order) in my life that effect my connection with my family.

Number one: Facebook

Facebook is very popular all over the world with millions of users and sadly it is quiet addictive.  Just about every time I come home, I find myself checking Facebook before even talking to my parents.  It is a connection between all the people in the world and everyone we talk to.  It is teens news source to all the things happening in their friends lives and it pulls us away from our family a little too much.

Number two: Cell Phones

Cell phones are the other big things that pulls us away from the reality of our parents talking to us into a world with your friends.  Almost every teenager has their phone out and texting with their friends when they are with their family.  It has become the social norm and is quickly becoming socially accepted.  But cell phones are also good to keep in touch with your family whenever you move away.

Number three: Video Games

Just about every teenager plays video games starting with the life game of Sims to the war time Call of Duty. Whenever you get home from school, what do you do, talk about your day or go play your favorite game and try to beat it?  Most likely, you try to beat your game.  Teens are more interested in playing their games in a dark room by themselves rather then talking to their family.

Number four: TVs

Another thing to do when you get home from school is watch that new episode of your very favorite show!  Also, instead of sitting around the dinner table with our families, we sit around the TV and watch as characters run around living a fantasy life filled with drama or action packed scenes.

Number five: iPods

In long car rides with your family, what do you do? Play car games and sing silly songs or listen to your iPod, blocking out the sound of your parents?  Most likely, listen to your iPod.  We believe parents don’t understand us so we block out all they have to say to us with our loud music.

With all our technology we have in this world, we have made ourselves more isolated from your families and block them out as much as possible.

Parents and Technology?

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Working from Home

Technology hasn’t only just affected the family connection from kids to parents, but also from parents to their kids.

Have you ever seen your mother or father on a business call via Skype when you were suppose to go to the zoo or them taking a phone call from work in the middle of dinner?  Sadly, this happens a lot in families today.

Mickey Meece, a freelance writer and a former small-business editor at The New York Times, describes different ways that parents have been “sneaking out” of their family bonding times in her article, “Who’s the Boss, You or Your Gadget?”:

Technology allowed Karen Riley-Grant, a manager at Levi Strauss in

San Francisco, to take care of some business with her New York

publicist while she was in labor in the hospital last November. “I had

time on my hands,” she says, and “full strength on my phone — five


It once enabled Craig Wilson, an executive at Avaya in Toronto, to take

his children to a Linkin Park concert and be able to duck out to finish a

task for a client in Australia, he says, “without disruption to my family

commitment or my work commitment.”

Is that really fair? To say that kids are always attached to their little gizmos when parents themselves are the same way.  Yes, parents are doing it so that they can provide for their family and blah blah blah.  Craig Wilson knew he was taking his kids to the Linkin Park concert, so why didn’t he finish his work before then?  I’m sure it didn’t spring up on him.

It’s sad to say that parents can’t get away from their jobs because of all this technology. They “can’t” have time set apart for their families because work ALWAYS pops up in the middle of that family bonding time and they have to run off to work.

So do parents love their jobs and technology more, or their children?

New and Improved or Old Fashion?

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On The RoadTechnology has always been apart of human life from the very beginning.  There has always been a new invention that everyone is dying to have, but once it comes out, here is the new and improved one coming out in two months!

All this new technology has slowly been pulling families away from family fun road trips and into the dark depths of midnight stake-out lines of the new iPhone.

It’s like Dr. Kalman Heller, a former physiologist who worked with many different family problems and started write blogs for people to read about them said in one of his blogs.  In the blog “Is Technology Destroying Family Life?” he claims “Most family time is not quality time.”

Quality time has always been time put aside for the ones we love, but do teens these days really love their parents or their technology more? A lot of teens think that talking to their parents is old fashion and lame but it’s really a good thing.  Parents do have good advice sometimes even though majority of teens think they never know what they are talking about.

Dr. Heller goes on to say that technology can be a good thing but also a bad thing.  For little kids, technology can be helpful because there are shows that interact with them but it also takes away from the little things like long car trips which should be family bonding time but instead it’s ‘Let’s drown out my parents with load music.’

Families should have mornings where they spend it all to themselves; not to work or video games and also spend special holidays without the use of technology, at least when they are with each other.  Dr. Heller’s observations and studies support my claim that technology is harmful to family life and that families need to rethink how much they use technology to entertain their children instead of bonding with them.

See the World in a Different Light

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Hello to the World, no to the Universe!

Ever since I was a little kid, I have been surrounded by all different kinds of gizmos and gadgets and to be honest, I’ve never thought much of it.  But through the years, I have started to form ideas about how different life would be without all the technology that we have today and within the past year, I have been thinking about how much technology has changed our family life.

Technology has constantly been changing family life from the very beginning of time and has just continued to accelerate.  If you think about it, we has gone  from eating dinner around a candle lit table and discussing about the ups and downs of the very long day to sitting around the big, shinny Plasma TV, watching some action packed movie or a teen drama show within only a short time period.

How often do you find yourself talking to the people around you and not messing with the box shaped thing that lives within your dark pocket?  Most people would say not that often, unless of course, it’s someone they know, but then again do we actually give them all our undivided attention?

Technology has slowly changed our society into being more ‘sociable’ without becoming more talkative. It has also filled up time we could have once used for thinking about the world and life with things on TV that go ‘BOOM’!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying technology is bad; it has helped give us instant news, advancements in medicine, easier and quicker ways to get to work and so much more.  I am just saying that sometimes we need to step back from our ‘busy’ lives with technology and see what is really going on around us and talk to our families face to face more then we text them because family is the most important thing someone could ever have in their life time.